Consultation, advice, prevention of disputes, writing contracts, negotiations and amicable settlements, legal proceedings.

Lawyer in Belgium and abroad

I offer my services throughout Belgium. For the needs of the proceedings, I watch regularly enforcement of Belgian judgments abroad involving colleagues or local bailiffs depending on the needs.

Laetitia Vincart - Lawyer in Brussels

After having worked in national and international renowned law firms, I am offering my expertise, availability, personal service, transparency, information to my clients, fast and excellent results in a law firm with a human dimension.

My services are regularly requested by individuals and by companies, associations of co-owners, colleagues to personally defend them or to assist them in their cases.

My philosophy on four basic points:

  • Your personal file tracking
    Depending on the specificity and complexity of your case, I can join the services of a collaborator, always with the aim of providing and efficient and optimal service to my clients. The intervention of a collaborator will not result, however, in an extra cost in your file.
  • Complete information
    You are fully informed of the status of your file. Every update concerning your file provided by the lawyer of the other part, by the bailiff, by the notary or by the court is communicated to you, so that you can make any decision regarding the future direction of your file with full knowledge of the facts.
  • Direct communication with my clients
    I personally answer the requests of clients. I am available by telephone from Monday to Friday from 5 to 6 p.m., so that you have direct contact with me without having to go through a secretary.
  • Balance cost / outcome
    The judicial process is reserved for cases that require it. When it is in your best interest to reconcile and after a cost / outcome balance, conciliation is obviously preferred to the proceedings.